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Pilates is a fantastic tool to maintain and re-energise an aging body


It can be easy to lose your confidence as you age. Seemingly without warning, certain movements and actions seem to have become far more difficult than they used to be.
 Regular Pilates practice will make you stronger and more flexible which in turn will improve your overall mobility and confidence. 
One of the great benefits of modern life is that we all generally live longer. Unfortunately the separate areas of our bodies tend to cope differently with these extra years and invariably some parts will outlast others! Your heart and mind may be strong but your joints are sore and swollen. This may in turn make you not feel like remaining fit, active and involved with life. Indeed, some may give up many of the enjoyable areas of their life to avoid their aches and pains.
 Pilates is a fantastic tool to maintain and re-energise an aging body. It is ideal for slowing the pace at which the body ages. 
Pilates will improve your heart, lungs and circulatory system.
 Pilates will strengthen your bones and reduce the brittleness that can come with age. 
Pilates will improve your balance and coordination, which together with your improved strength and flexibility will improve your confidence in yourself and let you keep enjoying the things that make life great!

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