New Clients

You have never done pilates before: An assessment completed: Cost 600.00 (one hour). What does an assessment include: Trainer goes through the principles of pilates, body posture, introduces you to the various pieces of apparatus. Most of all: identifies if you have any medical conditions or spinal conditions. Some movements are contra-indicating to specific body types and spinal conditions. Your trainer will email a medical and training history form and an indemnity. This assists the trainer with drafting a programme to suit the individual and/or to modify when in a class/duet session.

Important:  To reserve your assessment date and time, payment with confirmation is made prior to arrival.

You are recovering from an operation/have a back problem/pregnant/overweight:
Medical clearance prior to training, proper diagnosis from your Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Biokenetist, followed by an assessment at R600.00

Bank details:  contact the studio