The Studio

Welcome to B fit pilates studio

The studio offers a compliment of pilates for general fitness, improving posture, strengthening key muscles to support you daily for walking, standing long hours, sitting long hours and in particular for sportsman who want to improve their form. Set in a tranquil environment, with private space for the individual who prefers to train alone, or small groups and duets (husband and wife, mum and daughter, friends sharing a session).

Adele, the co-founder and owner works closely with Julia (pilates and fitness instructor), as well as Kersh Iyer (qualified physiotherapist). This creates a wonderful balance for our clients and Kersh’s patients.

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The studio is well equipped with a Cadillac, Reformers, pilates Wanda Chair and various other small apparatus to assist the client/patient to experience a wealth of movement. This equipment was invented by Joseph Pilates and assists our clients/patients who cannot get to the mat on the floor or allows the client to train in a supine position. Clients always find this amazing.

The studio welcomes all age groups and is centrally located in lower Howick Road, next to Cordwalles school.

We look forward to assessing you.

Adele, Julia and Kersh