What Our Clients & Trainers
Have to Say:

Marlene – Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
“At 57 I started Pilates. I had constant pain in my upper back and had been to the physiotherapist for months. I started Pilates in June 2014, and during my assessment my instructor discovered that I had a spinal condition called scoliosis, which I was not aware of. After 2 years of Pilates, I feel stronger and have body awareness. I will not miss a session!”

Candice – Fitness Enthusiast
“I love training, and constantly looking for opportunities to become stronger. I started Pilates reformer, chair and cadillac training with Adele April 2014. I loved it so much, I studied anatomy, physiology and now instruct on a flexi basis. Pilates creates leaner muscle, strengthens your core, back stabilizers and adds great value to my kettle bell and functional training which is part of my training regime.”

Kate – Pilates during pregnancy
“I joined Pilates after struggling with a sore back for a year and a half after my son was born. I had tried physio, chiropractors and biokinetics but with little permanent relief. I had done Pilates before at the gym and so had reserves about whether it would work. I was happy to be mistaken. The Pilates at BFit is different to any Pilates class I had done at the gym and has been very effective. Within a month my back pain was all but gone. I attend only once a week, but if I miss, I can feel the difference, my back gets stiff and my body feels tired.

I have kept up Pilates through my second pregnancy and have had less discomfort than the first pregnancy. At 32 weeks, pregnant I still feel strong and as long as I keep up the Pilates I have little stiffness or aches. I do a few Pilates moves every day to keep the pregnancy aches away and it really does work. I expect I will be able to keep going right till my due date and be back as soon after as possible.
I really recommend Pilates to anyone who is pregnant or has aches and pains after child birth. It works and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Janine – Runner/ Herniated disc
“I injured my back by lifting something too heavy and then my running just made it worse and after visiting one doctor, one specialist, the chiropractor and the Physio and eventually doing an MRI scan I discovered that I had a herniated disc in my L4 and L5.  After 4 months of being on anti inflammatories and pain killers I thought my only option would be to have the Epidural cortisone injection into the spine.

My sister convinced me to try Pilates for at least one month before going to have the injection, well after a month of Pilates I am very pleased to say that I am pain free and no longer on any medication. After 4 sessions of Pilates I could feel a huge improvement and now a month later I can truly say I am feeling wonderful.  Adele did private sessions with me and did lots of research to determine which exercises I would be able to do and which ones we would have to do later when I was stronger. I think we all tend to forget how important our core strength is, so although I was running fit my core strength was not strong.  Pilates is a form of exercise that compliments any other sport that one does. I am truly thankful for being pain free and feeling so much stronger.”

Ruth – Degeneration cervical and lumbar spine
“I just wanted to thank you as I had absolutely no back pain whilst away on holiday in the UK last year and I was able to walk with confidence and enjoyment. Sure, this was largely due to Pilates.
I was also interested to hear on BBC that their medical industry says that back pain is better controlled by Pilates than any anti-inflammatory or pain killer pills.”