Important Notes

Important note: Studio etiquette

No smoking and no animals on the premises

In consideration to other clients please switch off your phone at the reception before entering the class rooms. In emergency circumstances you may keep your cell phone next to you during your class on a vibrating mode, but please take your call outside the room if you need to answer it.
On arrival at the studio, please leave your belongings in the locker room, no bags and shoes. If you have valuables in your bag use a locker with a key.
If you arrive late, don’t apologise, just join in the class. In particular the advanced classes, this breaks the fluidity of the class.
If you need to leave a little early, do so without disruption.
Water bottles and towels. Please place your water bottle above the fireplace and your towel on your mat. Trainers have to move around during the class
Don’t get territorial, in particular, if you come to various classes.
Very important, smile and greet the people around you.
Please sign the indemnity
Generally, Pilates exercises are safe and maximum care will be taken by the instructors. However as with all exercise forms it is important to seek medical advice before starting Pilates. Please ensure that you have any necessary medication with you and kindly inform your instructor how to use it in an emergency. Your Gynaecologist’s consent is required if you are pregnant.
B fit Health, Fitness and Pilates Studio will not be held responsible for any and all loss, damage, accidents or injuries of any nature arising from any cause whatsoever. Please kindly refrain from leaving any valuables in the bathroom or reception. There are lockers provided for your convenience to store valuable items while you train.


The studio has limited parking, in keeping with the municipality rules. Please park parallel facing either up or down Howick Road. Do not block the pedestrian way. There is parking at the back of the studio but it is limited. If you are early and have a small car, please park inside.
The gate has a sensor, but please do take care when entering and leaving. When exiting the yard, be mindful of the pedestrians.
B fit studio, its owner and instructors will not be responsible for damage to vehicles. Parking is at your own risk


You welcome to use socks during the classes or go barefoot, however, it is imperative that you use socks on the equipment.
Please remove all gum while training
Most importantly enjoy your session with us and we trust you achieve your goals during 2018
Cancellations (applies to one on one and duet training). 24 hour notice
Group class paid in advance, first week of the month (no refunds, no carry over into the next month)

Dress code: Socks are compulsory

Females: Comfortable, stretchy gym pants. Take care to check your top, especially for plank and push up position. We don’t want anyone uncomfortable.
Males: Some movements require lifting your legs to 90degrees or table top. A pair of tights under your shorts or cycling shorts will do.


What is included in your training?

There is no membership fee or contract.

Your trainer(Adele) is qualified in personal training (ETA), spinning(Cyclelab, Virgin active spin instructor), and pilates (mat, theraband, ball, Cadillac, reformer and chair- Trifocus academy). Mentored and examined regularly by Katya Kinski ( Regular updating of CPR.
Most importantly, regular updates of pilates training is conducted. Please refer to our blog for the next course ( or

What is not included:

Therabands / Foam rollers – please check with your trainer if you would like to purchase. These pieces are necessary for classes.


We are currently looking for trainers.
Please contact Adele 0823014125

New Clients

You have never done pilates before: An assessment completed: Cost R600.00 (one hour). What does an assessment include: Trainer goes through the principles of pilates, body posture, introduces you to the various pieces of apparatus. Most of all: identifies if you have any medical conditions or spinal conditions. Some movements are contra indicating to specific body types and spinal conditions. Your trainer will email a medical and training history form and an indemnity. This assists the trainer with drafting a programme to suit the individual and/or to modify when in a class/duet session.

You are recovering from an operation/have a back problem/pregnant/overweight:
Medical clearance prior to training, proper diagnosis from your Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Biokenetist, followed by an assessment by your pilates instructor