Meet the Team


An interest in Pilates and Biomechanics has given me the opportunity to change lives daily.

I love the rewards experienced daily from clients who say  “I can now ride my bike with no pain, My form has improved, I feel so much stronger, “ I have lost centimeters, I climb the stairs with no pain, I run so much faster and my form has improved, I do not experience pain down my leg any longer, I am more agile, my running time has improved.

The body is complex and yet simple movements allow us to alleviate pain. Everyone’s spine will degenerate that is absolute fact, however, Pilates with very specific biomechanical movements allows our body to experience longevity, and pain free workouts. The body allows us to workout or be sedentary for a few decades, however, when we reach a certain age our mobilizing muscles need help.

My work experience has taught me that a combination of pilates and biomechanical movements adds value to our training and general well being.
Enjoying spinning, weight training, interval training has allowed me to train pain free. Introducing stabilizing muscles (your foundation) into your workouts makes such a difference.


Qualified spinning instructor (cycle lab), Personal training and Exercise for Pregnancy (ETA),  Pilates  – small apparatus, reformer, cadillac, chair, scoliosis(Trifocus and Katya Kinski – Pilates Academy of SA). I have now found my niche. Combining all my previous training and continuously updating annually we are able to assist clients with pain relating to training


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I have always loved the beauty of movement, be it a ballerina executing the perfect pirouette or a short distance runner exploding forward in a race. Watching all athletes is awe-inspiring! I love to dance and seeing the beauty and flow of Pilates sparked my interest in this field.

I have seen how Pilates has changed people’s lives and made them move better to aid in their sport of choice. I have been in the fitness industry for many years and watched how moving without purpose can cause injuries.  I found Pilates 4 years ago and I was amazed at how it could change a person’s body, the way that they move and the strength they gain from it. Seeing people with debilitating back and joint pain becoming pain free has given me great fulfillment.

Reformer based Pilates has enhanced my knowledge of Pilates and has taken me into a new medium, which focuses on rehabilitation and fitness. There is no better feeling than a client telling me that their pain has improved or even better they are pain free. I absolutely love what I do!  I aim to inspire and improve peoples’ lives every day and I absolutely love what I do!



Qualified Group Exercise Instructor (Virgin Active), Aqua/ Water Aerobics Instructor (Virgin Active), Comprehensive Pilates & Reformer Instructor (Trifocus Fitness Academy), Small Apparatus Pilates & Functional Movement Training (International College of Kinesis), Trained BalletRip Instructor (balletrip (pty)ltd , Pilates small apparatus and scoliosis with Katya Kinski – Pilates Academy of SA)