Pilates training with a Pilates master teacher

Pilates training with a Pilates master teacher

During September I had the priviledge of training at Katya Kinski’s pilates studio in Cape Town.  I had looked at her website on numerous occasions and wondered if I would gain more knowledge and experience, which I needed, or should I save up and head off to London to spend time with the “pilates guru’s” and get real quality.  Well, I was certainly surprised, on my first day I did an intermediate class. That evening my hamstrings, calves, obliques, tranverse abdominus were on fire. The next day was an advanced class and I certainly felt every movement.  Her understanding of all body conditions, spinal conditions is truly amazing.

I had the opportunity to talk to Katya on my last day at her studio.  How refreshing to meet an unassuming, talented, accomplished ballerina/pilates director and owner of a studio.  My experience cost me less than jetsetting to London and I have established an amazing friendship with a talented pilates instructor.

As instructors we need continuous growth, especially when we have clients with medical conditions and spinal conditions.  They trust us to make the right decisions regarding movements.  As instructors it is our duty to constantly learn.  Thank you Katya for an amazing experience.

I look forward to your up coming course during May 2016 at my studio.

Katya Kinski
Former ballerina at the Russian State Ballet(Moscow) and a principal dancer with Cape Town City Ballet, Katya is a Pilates master teacher who has launched a new career in Pilates in 2001, completing her training with one of the world’s finest Pilates masters, Miriane Braaf (Canada). She is also a certified Equilibrium instructor and the Pilates Method Alliance PMA® Certified Pilates teacher. Katya has participated in courses on sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, shoulder stabilization, spinal bio-mechanics, Shoulder rehab, Muscle activation, Body sensing, Fascial Fitness and many others.

Teaching Pilates continuously for 15 years she has completed over 25 000 teaching hours. Working together with physio -therapists and biokineticists, Katya has helped many elite athletes to return to their sport after debilitating injuries and also to improve their athletic performance.

Ms. Kinski is the Pilates Academy SA founder and the course director. Her vast experience has earned her the reputation of being a superb teacher who uses her formidable demonstration abilities, sense of humour and motivational techniques to inspire her clients and students.

Katya released Discreet Pilates at your Desk DVD in 2008. Her DVD, Pilates During Pregnancy was filmed when Katya was pregnant with her daughter Emma and has been produced in collaboration with a gynaecologist, midwife and physiotherapist.


Contact us > katya@pilatescapetown.com


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